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Hi everybody, and welcome to my Rubberslug Cel Gallery. My gallery has had a home here on RS since 2002 but I was a bit slow getting over here. Before that, I had a gallery up on Geocities.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I started collecting but I think it was somewhere around 97-99, maybe even earlier. I do remember my first cel was of Ryo from Samurai Troopers. I no longer have this cel, but I recently discovered many of my old images have been brought back to life via Reocities! Thank you Internet archives!

Through the years my interests in animation production art collecting has ebbed and waned, but one thing has remained constant: a deep love for the art. There are a few titles that I collect above all others, those being:

B't X - Takamiya Teppei
Gulkeeva - Shinjou Touya
Samurai Troopers - Sanada Ryo
Ys - Adol Christian

I have sometimes included other titles in this main list, but when I really think about it, these four are, and will always be, my absolute favorite. And typically for me, there is usually only ONE character that I like to collect the most, and this is usually the main character, as listed above. I think I will always be on the hunt for these characters. <3

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