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    TV: Tenma Eps 11
    Source: TV
    Layers: 1
    No sketches available
    Oversize, 14.5W x 18H

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    Added 6/3/2005
    Updated 3/23/2013
    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de / Tenma

    FANCEL ARTWORK BY: Imitation-Animation

    This was a shot of Tenma I wanted ever since I saw this episode. It is by far my fav Tenma related episode, even though there are other good Tenma moments throughout the series.

    This takes place after Tenma runs off on his own to verify that his sister Ran is really the Katsura no Miko, a Ryuujin no Miko imposter. But when he finally finds her, he's interupted by Iktidal. They fight a little bit and then Tenma calls out to her when Iktidal and she were about to leave... when she stares him down and casts a kegare over him. The kegare in the series is a sort of curse and apparently it's associated with illness, injury and anything of impurity. After this exchange, Tenma eventually makes it back to the estate. Yorihisa is the first to see him and he assumes that Tenma fought with "that oni" aka Iktidal, I believe. I guess Shimon also finds out that Tenma was hurt and he goes to get Akane. When she first sees Tenma, she sees the kegare dripping down his arm like blood and she freaks out but when she looks closer, she realizes that it's kegare. She touches his arm and the kegare disappears in a flutter of purple butterflies (Ran's power). It's really cute because after that moment, Tenma basically says to her "You purify everything you touch." She's like "It's not me, it's just the Ryuujin's power." Then he collapses into her arms and tells her that the person impersonating the Ryuujin no Miko is really his sister, and when he found her, she just looked at him like a stranger. =(

    I really like this scene in the manga because...well, Tenma and she are supposed to be ALONE. lol Whereas in the anime, both Yorihisa & Shimon are there watching. I just thought it was a really sweet yet sad hugging moment...

    I photoshopped this fancel just a tad. I fixed the kegare layer and a little bit of the eyes. I've also uploaded the screencap that was used and a digicam pic of this fancel.

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