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    Suzunagi (B3)
    Source: OVA
    Layers: 1
    Sketches: 1
    Cel Number: B3
    Standard size

    No Background

    Added 6/25/2006
    Updated 8/18/2012
    Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors

    This is a shot of the most weird looking character in all of YST... Message is by far not my favorite of the OVAs, since most of it is just a recap of events that happened in the TV series and the earlier OVAs... and the new armor designs are just butt ugly... -sigh- But something compelled me to buy this one. I couldn't tell you why.

    EDIT: I've grown to accept Message a lot more than the first time I've seen it. The important thing in Message is to understand that the conflict is not tangible yet it's very real and scary. Suzunagi is still annoying, for a vengeful spirit anyway. I don't want to rewatch this OVA just to ID this cel...I really don't. haha

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