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    Neo Episode 9 (A5)
    Source: OVA
    Layers: 1
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    Added 2/6/2008
    Updated 5/23/2019
    B't X / B'T X / B'TX / B'tX / Bt'X / BtX / BTX

    This is from MetalFace's death scene. When Karen finds the piece of the sun, she is unable to approach it. MetalFace comes forward and says that he is useless to the Empire now that he's without his B't and has lost his cyberlance. He says that he was thinking about what Teppei said about how everyone has a fragment of the sun within themselves; it's just that not everyone knows about it or is able to access that power. So with this thinking, he takes the piece of the sun and Karen places it into a protective container. Long story short, the power of the fragment is too much for him and he dies... But he is finally reunited with his B't, Madonna. In the heaven sequence, he is shown with NO cybernetic parts. Then Karen watches as his body shines with no one else's light but his own... MetalFace was able to ignite his own piece of the sun in the end!! WOW! Talk about character development... too bad he had to die heh

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