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    Kikoutei Henshin (B4)
    Source: TV
    Layers: 1
    No sketches available
    Cel Number: B4
    Standard size

    No Background

    Added 11/4/2002
    Updated 8/17/2012
    Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors

    Best trade ever. Here's a lovely shot of Ryo switching over to the Kikoutei yoroi. Can't believe I missed it the first time on ebay. It's got some damage on his hand (you can see it kinda in the scan below) from somebody trying to forcefully remove the sketch from the cel. Also there's quite a lot of line fading... Kinda disappointing, but still an awesome shot!! =D

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    Curator: rekka
    Gallery Created: 1/3/2002
    Hits: 54524

    Presentation 8.43/10   Collection 8.96/10   Overall 8.54/10   Votes 44 votes
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