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    Episode 1 (A10, B5E)
    Source: OVA
    Layers: 1
    No sketches available
    Cel Number: A10 B5E
    Standard size

    Key Cel
    End Cel
    No Background

    Added 7/4/2008
    Updated 3/23/2013
    Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors

    This is when Suzunagi's going nuts and destroys all the armors in front of Touma before forcing him to wear her new Tenku armor. The black "bolts" on this cel appear red on screen. And Ryo's actual face is visible in this scene for a while...possibly to stress the point that the Troopers' fate lies with the armor... if the armor is to be destroyed, then so must they! Ooooh, it is a dark OVA, that's for sure...

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    Curator: rekka
    Gallery Created: 1/3/2002
    Hits: 54524

    Presentation 8.43/10   Collection 8.96/10   Overall 8.54/10   Votes 44 votes
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