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    Neo Episode 4 (A1)
    Source: OVA
    Layers: 1
    Sketches: 1
    Cel Number: A1
    Standard size

    Key Cel
    No Background

    Added 1/24/2013
    Updated 2/5/2013
    B't X / B'T X / B'TX / B'tX / Bt'X / BtX / BTX

    Cel comes w/ no background. I matched the background directly with a screencap from the episode and merged it with the scan of the cel. The additional image is the cel w/o the added BG.

    Strangely, a previous owner of this cel made several cuts on this beauty: a sort of rectangular cut on the bottom left of the cel and another one that completely cuts out and replaces that piece of that juts off of Teppei's armor (neck guard, directly below his ear on the left). There must have been damage done to that area and someone tried to fix it--brilliantly, I must say. The you can't tell anything has been cut in the scan. It's just very sad to see up close. *sigh* Oh, and whatever extra piece was added and taped to the back portion of the cel. :p

    Anyway, I had seen a similar cel to this on sale at AnimeChaos all those eons ago...and that one came with a matching BG. I'm really sad if this is the same cel and someone kept the BG for use elsewhere. It is a gorgeous BG but... I think, perhaps, the BG is with the A2 cel because this frame sort of flickers briefly and you can tell the paint is slightly different in each of the frames. Makes me feel a little better...heehee

    Image 1: Cel alone w/ simple white background
    Image 2: Screen cap from video


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