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    Neo Episode 4 (B22)
    Source: OVA
    Layers: 1
    Sketches: 1
    Cel Number: B22
    Standard size

    Original Unmatching Background

    Added 1/26/2013
    Updated 2/24/2013
    B't X / B'T X / B'TX / B'tX / Bt'X / BtX / BTX

    This is a really nice shot of Teppei holding the sunleaf that the damaged Shadow X had in her mouth. As he looks at it, he realizes that this B't must have come from Kamui Island, where he grew up because the large tree on the island is the only one known to grow these special leaves. It is said that a piece of the sun fell near or in the exact location of the island, from which the tree arose. It's no coincidence, then, that Teppei was also born with a piece of the sun on this island.

    The background is unmatching, but it takes place in the same location within B't Max. There is a layer of Shadow X missing from the right side of this cel.

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