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    OVA: Tenma Eps 1
    Source: OVA
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    Added 2/23/2004
    Updated 3/23/2013
    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de / Tenma

    FANCEL ARTWORK BY: Imitation-Animation

    This is a nice scene of Tenma from the first episode of the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Ajisai Yume Gatari~ OVA.

    Unnecessary manga talk, read if you'd like to know my thoughts on the manga (possible spoilers): I just recently bought 1-8 of the manga by Mizuno Tooko and read it all in the course of one day. Sure, I kinda skipped through the non-Tenma scenes or scenes that didn't have to do with him...but I'll catch the rest of it later, when I'm bored and feel like learning a bit more about the other characters. Right now, Tenma is my priority. ^^ What's really been annying me is this teaser that Mizuno put in the beginning of each manga that sort of tells you a little bit about the characters in the story. This is what she says for Tenma from manga 4-8 (I'll type the Japanese and then English after): 現代高校生で、あかねの友人。あかねに告白するが... "Modern high school student and a close friend of Akane. Will he confess to Akane...?" Something like that. He's said that he likes Akane many times to other people but hasn't said anything to Akane... Then he always sees her with the other Hachiyou and gets put into a bad/sad mood. haha The whole side story about his little sister Ran was wrapped up pretty early in the manga, which surprised me since it never seems to be resolved in the GBA version of the game; it just tortures him a lot. ^^;;

    In relation to this fancel, Tenma is all thrashed in this scene because of an Onryou that attacked Akane, Simon and he at the old well. He took the brunt of the fight and told Simon to get Akane to safety...but when he comes to, he is in an unfamiliar place and both Akane and Simon are gone. He thinks they were able to get away, but later finds out that he was wrong. =P

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