• Legend of the Golden Dragon

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    Here are a couple illustrations of the characters in my story, which you can read here:
    The Legend of the Golden Dragon

    If you'd like to see more of my own artwork, head on over to my page on Deviant Art.

    Brief character list & description:
    Aurien, demigod of fire and light; said to be the bringer of destruction to the demigod realm.

    Marix, Aurien's elder brother who originally was destined to become the destroyer of heaven, but due a change of course in his fate, his destiny was inevitably passed down to Aurien.

    Gedeon is the first of many "created" demigods by the goddess, and he is the youngest of the three brothers (Marix, Aurien, Gedeon). By forcefully joining a spent soul with excess soul energy, a new being is born. Creating new demigods in this fashion is both risky and the product is highly unstable. Gedeon, for much of the story, wants revenge on the goddess that made him and also Aurien by association. Eventually, Hisoka "heals" his soul and puts him on the right course.

    Hisoka is an average high school student who occasionally suffers from mild to severe nightmares and visions. It is revealed that he houses multiple fragments of Aurien's soul; however, Hisoka is not merely a keeper of Aurien's soul, but is in fact Aurien reincarnated, minus a few soul fragments. Hisoka must locate the remaining soul fragments, reawaken as Aurien, and put an end to the tyrannic rule of the gods.


     I won't let you go...

     Those days gone by...

     ...everything I have...

     Hisoka and the Golden Dragon Armor

     Watchers of a Godless World

     Winds of Fate

     Gedeon's Hellfire

     the tradgy of life

     On wings of gold

     Death from within

     Defiant after all

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