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    These are a couple of my favorite episodes from the NEO OVA. Episode 4 deals with a nice confrontation between Teppei & MetalFace, and then episode 5-6 deal with Masho Maim and dark nightmare attack that Teppei falls victim to. Beautiful artwork in these eps, too!! *heart*

    I have decided on a romanization for Masho Maim's companion B't. In the past I have been alternating between Halloween and Haroin... but I believe Harrowing best describes the character as being a bringer of fear and torment. Oooh, frightening, isn't it? xD

    **These cels are Absolutely Not For Sale**

    Episode 4: ブラッドの奇跡!
    Episode 5: 夢幻の恐怖!
    Episode 6: 一条の光!

     Neo Episode 6 (A9)

     Neo Episode 6 (A3)
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