Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
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    How I got into it:

    It's really kinda neat to remember exactly how I was introduced to this series. It was the summer after 8th grade, 1995. I got up relatively early (for summer) in the morning to do something...I think maybe we were saying good bye to a foreign exchange student who had stayed with us for a while, and they left in the morning...?? Anyway, once that was taken care of, there was nothing left to do but sit around and watch TV. I then turned to our local FOX station and caught the end of Eps. 10-- the episode where Ryo shoots up into space to save Touma, but in the end needs Touma to save him from a highly volatile Shuten. It caught my attention first because Ryo seemed half-dead through all the scenes I had seen, two because of the unique and colorful armor and weapon designs, and three...I was even more excited when 3 other armor-bearing characters appeared at the very end of the episode. Let's just say it was the perfect part of the episode--of the series--to work up my interest. I then continued to wake up early to tape the rest of it and to catch the beginning of the series that I had missed in reruns.

    Basic summary about the show:

    General Premise: A band of young soldiers must work together to defeat an ancient evil threatening to take over their world.

    The basic idea of the show is that there was an ancient, evil spirit, Arago, who wanted to take over the world. He nearly defeated the planet with his single suit of armor nearly 1,000 years previous. Fortunately, an almost god-like monk rose up and defeated Arago, separating his armor into 9 parts as to make it more difficult for the demon to come back from the dead. As each new piece of armor was being made, the monk attributes various virtues for each one to sort of keep its ferocious power in check.

    In the present day, we discover a present day boy named Ryo is now in control of the red Rekka armor, whose virtue is simply that: "virtue" or "jin" in Japanese. While taking a stroll through downtown Shinjuku with his pet white tiger (heehee), a demonic soldier suddenly appears in the city and starts attacking people. Ryo quickly puts on an undergear form of his armor to combat the demon. Eventually, he begins to lose the battle when 4 others, each wielding a different piece of Arago's armor, appear to support him. With their support, Ryo has time enough to recover, put on his full suit of armor, and defeats the demonic soldier with his duel katana blades.



     1st Opening (E5 End)

     1st Opening (A22)

     1st Opening (A1 End)

     1st Opening (A16)

     2nd Opening (A23)

     2nd Opening (B8)

     2nd Ending (A1)

     2nd Ending (A4)

     TV Episode 39 - Ending (A9)

     Kikoutei Densetsu OP (A36)

     Kikoutei Densetsu OP (A48 End, B5)

     Kikoutei Densetsu OP (A9)

     Kikoutei Densetsu OP (A14)

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