Wild Knights Gulkeeva
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    How I got into it:

    I honestly don't remember how I learned of this series, but I want to say it was a random find while searching for production artwork from other shows.

    General Premise: Two worlds: One dying, the other thriving. Prince Zaza devises a plan that will save their world, at the expense of the other. Two worlds. Only one will survive.

    Background Story:

    The world of Eternalia is in the middle of a devastating Ice Age. As the planet falls further and further into destruction, those still clinging to life grow more and more desperate. Prince Zaza of Northfeltia has discovered a way to steal the life force from another alien planet and essentially healing their own dying world. But in order to set forth in motion the magical ritual of the "Sacred Reversal", a solid connection with the other planet must be secured. To do this, Zaza sets his minions over to the other planet to begin their mission.

    In the meantime, Princess Mereina of Heaven's Tear has anticipated Prince Zaza's move and intends on resurrecting the souls of 4 sacred knights that had once helped to save their world in the past; however, during the resurrection ritual, two of the sacred souls were lost, leaving only two to maturate within the bodies of two young mothers, willing to give birth to a legend. Mereina then sends the two Eternalian families to the other world to grow and await Prince Zaza's next move. Hopefully by the time the children are grown, they will have become one with the legendary souls within them and ready to stop the Sacred Reversal. [SHOW EXTENDED INFO]


     Opening (A16)

     Opening (A14)

     Opening (A26)

     Opening (A41)

     Opening (B24)

     Episode 26 Ending (A5)

     Episode 26 Ending (A4)

     Episode 26 Ending (A5)

     Episode 26 Ending (A6)

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