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    I used to have several cels from this show but sold them years ago. Now it seems as though I'm trying to catch up! I just finished the 3 volumes of the 2007 manga, which is SOOO much better than this OVA. The 3rd volume was *really* good but then... it just ENDS. No resolution save for a comment from the author that says "Oh, that's all, folks." XP Seriously, why do people do that!? *sigh*

     Shiohisa (A3)

     Kana (B10)

     Kagura (C-56; A1)

     Kagura (C-104; A1 END)

     Kagura & Asami (C-105; A1E, B3E)

     Kagura (A1)


     Kagura (A11)

     Young Kagura (A1E, B2E)

     Kagura (A8)

     Kagura (A9)

     Kagura (A1, C3)

     Asami (A3, B12, D6)

     Kagura (A4)

     Shizuku (C-427, A1 End)

     Kagura & Asami (C-656, A1)

     Kagura & Asami (A14)

     Kagura & Asami (A15)
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