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    According to http://home.mycybernet.net/~kfukuma/speedyage/ova_df.html, the animation studio in charge of making the OVA was robbed and many cels were stolen. Pressed for time to meet release dates, the consequent quality of the OVA suffered quite a bit, with many scenes actually getting cut. I'm really curious which scenes and shots were stolen. It kinda makes me nervous and sad to collect from this show. But I suppose, as long as these particular cels can easily be found in the final cut of the OVA means that they were not stolen in the incident. Geesh.

    This is also like a mini reunion of the YST guys. Sasaki Nozomu played Shin and Matsumoto Yasunori played Rajura. heh ^_^

    Wow, totally forgot that Kawai Kenji did the soundtrack for this show. I will always and forevermore be in love with his music. <3

     Sugiura (A2)

     Fei Long (A5)

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