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    I first saw this series when I was studying in Nagoya for the 2001 school year and I bought all but one of the VHS tapes from Book Off. I watched up until the one volume that I didn't have, somewhere in the middle, and then decided to stop until I could find that missing tape... which I never did and thus never finished watching the series. Rewatching the beginning half of the series, though, I really could not remember ANYTHING that happened. Somethings seemed familiar, but it was really like watching something for the first time. Not a good sign for my memory.

    Anyway, the main reason why I liked this series back in the day was because of Rai's voice actor...Hiyama Nobuyuki, aka Teppei from B't X <3 Yes, I'm silly that way. heehee

    So, I'm about half way through watching the show as it is now, next eps I need to watch is #35. :)

     Episode 9

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