• Jyu Oh Sei: Episode 11, C302 305

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    Episode 11, Cuts 302 and 305
    This is the most complete sketch set that I have. All sketches actually come in the matching folder with a small photo copied image from the storyboard pasted on it. There are multiple gengas, matching dougas, timing sheets, and rough sketches. The douga labeled "A7E" probably is A5E instead. It was a bit difficult to read and would be the most logical following after the A4 douga. lol

    This is from a hugely pivotal moment in the final episode of the show. It's hard to give a brief description of this cut without spoiling a great majority of the story. So if you haven't seen the show or don't want to be spoiled, don't read the following!! [SPOILERS]

     Genga (A1)

     Genga (A3, B4)

     Genga (A3, B1)

     Douga (A1)

     Douga (A2)

     Douga (A3)

     Douga (A4)

     Douga (A7 End)

     Douga (B1)

     Douga (B2)

     Douga (B3)

     Douga (B4)

     Douga (B5)

     Douga (B6 End)

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