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Video Commentary...of My Cels??
last modified: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 (6:30:41 AM CST)
Wow! Guess it's been a really long time since I've posted anything here...heh

Last night I was really bored and while aimlessly surfing the Internet, I came upon a video of someone geeking out at Nakano Broadway, namely filming some cels at Mandarake.

Anyway that got me to thinking, maybe it would be fun to video flipping through some of my own cel books to show friends. Of course, rubberslug is here for all of us to post nice scans and such of them, but maybe it'd be fun to put in a little commentary, too! Plus, it's interesting to see the physical aspect of the cels, how they're kept, etc.

I was just getting used to filming at the end, but still I'm not the best commentator, sorry! I tend to forget names of characters and call them all Teppei!! Granted, many characters I collect start with 'T' but...

Here's a link to my YouTube channel where you can find the 8 cel related clips:


Please feel free to comment! I've been inactive from the cel world, I need your enthusiasm to get back into it!! :D
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Christmas & New Years Greetings!
last modified: Monday, December 29, 2008 (10:35:26 AM CST)
I have been gone and away from this place for a long time but I'm still here. I came home for Christmas and have a little less than one more week left. It's crazy how fast this year has gone...and how soon my break is coming to an end. I miss being in Japan for Christmas but I've been able to see all of my family this trip home, so that's good. Only thing is Michigan weather is HORRIBLE. We were stuck in my house because of the snow for a good week straight and my boyfriend's little sister was staying with us then... How bored she must have been!!

And, I have to clean out EVERYTHING in my room at home because my mom is moving to CA with her boyfriend! I'm really happy for her and glad she's found someone nice to be with! I just need a ton of boxes and decide what I really want to keep and what ought to go straight into the trash! haha

But one major good thing for my online presence is that I'll have a new computer to play with when I go back to Nagoya. So maybe I'll be around more to update stuff.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year! Be safe!
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Josh Groban baby!!
last modified: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 (12:53:17 PM CST)
I wasn't too much of a fan...but after going to the concert here in MI last night... I'm sold. My mom has been a huge fan for a long time and we finally were able to go see him in concert, and let me tell you, that boy is FUNNY! haha It was great to be able to hear him sing live and to be that close to such talent. I do have a thing for truly talented artists, let it be musical or artistic. They all deserve tremendous respect.

But I went with my mom, brother and a friend; and it was awesome to see both my mom and brother really enjoying themselves. I never would have imagined my brother liking this sort of music, since I grew up with him listening to Aerosmith and the like, but... I guess his tastes have matured over the years. haha It was so cute, they would like squeeze each other's hands throughout the concert. For a moment I thought my mom would wet herself from the excitement. hahaha

But anyway... Cel related, I'm still accepting offers on any cels in my gallery. I'm up for offers on EVERYTHING, which includes those marked "NFS"... just be prepared to be turned down. But I'm always up for offers. And I added the Angel Sanctuary fancel to the RS shop. If $15 is too much and you really want it, just send me a message. ^_~ Thanks!
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New Design
last modified: Sunday, December 12, 2004 (8:00:28 PM CST)
Ah yes, I'm being bored again and changed the design for my gallery again, this time using an image I made from scratch in the theme of my story. The chara that's in the picture is Aurien, the god of fire & light. I have yet to add the fancel that I had commissioned for the story...but hopefully I can add that soon. It ought to be in my paws before Christmas... but here's to hoping!!

I was really pleased how the wings of fire turned out. I was playing around with Photoshop and was having loads of fun with the smudge tool and a couple of mask layers. I never knew how to use them before, but they're really quite nice. It'll take me a little while yet to fully get a grasp on them, though. Next, I'll have to try and draw a new pic of him to add some purdy flaming wings to. heehee So much fun!
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ID'ing Fun or Hell?
last modified: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 (3:50:16 PM CST)
I usually have a lot of fun ID'ing which episode and scene my cels are from... and I'm dominated by my left brain for NEEDING to put them all in the correct order, but it's really time consuming. At least for my stuff on DVD, I can skip through scenes rather quickly, but for my stuff only on VHS... *gulp* I feel bad for the tape if I fast forward while it's playing... lol Therefore, I have to sit and watch the whole series again. *sigh* Which isn't too bad, since I haven't seen some of these things in a long time, anyway.

But I have a lot of fun rescanning my stuff, too. I was up through the night making new & hopefully better scans of some B't X stuffs. I'm sort of running out of BGs that I can use for scans... I don't want them to look the same. =P And how do you put a background to a cel that's forever stuck to its sketch? That'd require a lot of Photoshopping...

So hopefully tonight, I'll dig out those tapes of B't X and I'll ID that "new" TV series cel. I think they tried to make Teppei look a little older in the OVA or something. There is a fine line between his design in the TV and the OVA. But, it's really funny to think that he's supposed to be 14 through the whole series. lol Ahh, anime for those 8th graders!! heehee
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Rediscovery! Forgotten Cels
last modified: Monday, November 29, 2004 (10:23:47 PM CST)
You know, I've heard other collectors talk about how they were flipping through their cel books and came across a cel or two that they completely forgot they had. Well, this just happened to me.

I was just flipping through my books for the heck of it, mostly out of despair over losing that Teppei cel at Anime-Cel... And I realized that I not only never scanned a couple cels, but I forgot entirely that I even had them. *gasp*

So I went and made new scans of these cels against some purdy backgrounds because I think they really enhance the cel. I used to be so against pairing a cel with an unmatching cel...but I'm not really pairing them at all. It's just for scanning purposes, to make the scan look purdy. lol I guess my "cel ethics" have changed over the years.

So check out my B't X & Gulkeeva sections. They are the ones that have NEW additions, even though the cels themselves aren't new to my collection.
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Samurai Troopers Addition
last modified: Thursday, November 25, 2004 (6:20:38 PM CST)
I've just added a lovely cel of Ryo from the 2nd episode of Gaiden. I now have three cels from his henshin sequence as he's crying. Yay!

My cel collecting habbits have seriously taken to the backseat as I'm unable to fund any sort of growth these days. Therefore, I can only go after cels that are "special". Isn't that horrible? The habbit to keep buying everything in sight is still there but I know I can't do anything about it. I've sold just about everything that I possibly can to keep things going, but...I've run out of things I can easily part with. *sigh* Hopefully I'll get a job soon... =P
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B't X Depression
last modified: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 (10:20:25 PM CST)
So, it's been a LONG time since I've felt the pain of missing out on an update and let me tell you... it hurts! A lot!

If you've seen my gallery, you know I'm very selective of the series that I go crazy over. I'm a serious collector for only about three anime series, and these include: Samurai Troopers, B't X and Gulkeeva.

Just a couple days ago, I missed out on an update by Anime-Cel for a beyond gorgeous B't X NEO Opening cel of Teppei. It's been a really long time since they've posted anything that I collect; well, it's been a long time since ANYONE has updated anything I collect, so I've become rather slow with checking for updates.... But it makes it even worse to know that I missed out on this cel by 10 hours. It may seem like a lot, but really, it's not. I seriously wish I knew who bought the cel...just so I know that it's going to a really GOOD home...so I can drool over it in their gallery...and to maybe beg and plead with them to give it to me!! XDDDDDD

So to whoever bought that beautiful Teppei cel, YOU WILL BE FOREVER IN MY DEBT IF YOU JUST LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! And we'll leave the groveling for later.... XDDD
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